Consulting Engineers

Many consulting engineers do not handle remedial engineering, but those that do often select Andersal.

Consulting Engineers are of course bound to select the best value for the client and as part of the process look for contractors who have a credible track record and demonstrate the skill required for the project. Andersal has doubled its revenue over the past 5 years. Most contracts were won in competitive tender.

The Consulting Engineers listed below have recently selected Andersal as best value for money:

  • Abacheck Consulting
  • ACOR Consulting
  • Arup Facade Engineering
  • BAAM Consulting Partners
  • Bellmont Facade Engineers
  • Costin Roe
  • Demlakian
  • GHD
  • Hyder Consulting
  • Integrated Consulting Group
  • John Fisher Consulting Engineers
  • Jones Nicholson
  • Landlay Consulting Group
  • Maunsell Orion Consultancies
  • McDonell Somers
  • MJ Civil Engineering
  • MJ Projects
  • OSMO
  • Partridge & Partners
  • Richard Cortis Consulting Engineers
  • Richmond & Ross
  • RHM Consulting
  • SPMA
  • Strata Engineering Solutions
  • Sydney Strata Engineers
  • TTW
  • Woolacotts Consulting Engineers