Albion Street Surry Hills

Albion Street heritage building

Client: Body Corporate, Richard Hales Morretti

Site: Albion Street, Surry Hills

Task: Repair the columns and supporting beams for the whole building.

Andersal Site Supervisor: Eddie Issa

Special Challenge

  • This building has some history. It was built as a warehouse in 1912.
  • The supporting beams are 30m long with fly ash concrete.
  • The whole building was renovated to form a residential complex.
  • The beams and columns are now in the car park area.
  • The building car park was closed for the repair but the residences overhead remained fully occupied.
  • In the recent past a builder was contracted to renovate the building and ‘repair the concrete’. The builder just did “surface” repairs and after litigation and mediation the builder was made to pay for about 70% of this latest repair.


  • RHM were engaged as consulting engineers. Andersal was contracted for the repairs.
  • The building was repaired in 3 phases in 9m widths, the length of the building.
  • Because of the poor state of the beam it was necessary to prop the beam each 3m while the beam was repaired.
  • The supports were alloy heavy duty load bearing 15 tonne ACRO props.
  • The concrete was jack hammered then the exposed reinforcement grit blasted to bright steel and a zinc protective coating applied. Only a small quantity of steel needed replacing.
  • A birds mouth funnel was cut into each beam so that a pour from above was possible into the form work.
  • The concrete was special Parchem LA55, 55 MPA strength which was all hand mixed and poured.
  • In all 12,000 litres of repairs were completed over a period of 10 weeks.

Repairing the car park