Facade Repair



While individual apartments often get the attention of repairs or renovations, in a larger building with multiple occupants, the exterior can be neglected. Often building owners are satisfied that as long as everything is nice and comfortable inside, the outside doesn’t matter. Strata managers and owners should be concerned for a few reasons. The first is property value. First impressions count and you can’t see what’s inside without seeing the exterior of the building. Potential buyers or renters may be less inclined to purchase or lease if the outside looks old and worn. Secondly, it may be a concern structurally. Many regular external repairs and retouches are more than cosmetic. Like servicing a car, preventative maintenance could save you money later. Andersal will diagnose the root cause of the problem and provide the appropriate treatment to repair and restore the exterior of your building.

Here are a few of the services we provide:

Balustrade repair and balcony replacement

Balconies and the outdoor areas often require remedial repairs or upgrades due to concrete spalling or waterproofing issues. Key parts of any balcony are the railings and balustrades (the vertical support for railings), whichover time will can degrade due to weathering… Read more

Lintel replacement

Any large opening, like a doorway or entrance that has the weight of a floor or walls above it still needs to provide the structural strength to carry the load. This is achieved with lintels, large structural horizontal beams over these openings and are often made of reinforced concrete… Read more

Cavity flashing

The cavity formed between two walls (exterior and interior) will harbour moisture as the outside wall is usally designed to be the wet-wall and is separated by the cavity to ensure the inner wall stays dry. Of course this cavity needs to be kept free of debris and allow excess… Read more

Masonry repair

Brick and block structures are sturdy and can stand the test of time. Nothing, however, is impervious to the elements and over time bricks and blocks may become damaged. Repair of masonry, particularly where large blocks have been used can be a suitable alternative to replacement… Read more

Brickwork repointing

When a structure is built using bricks, each row of bricks is layered on a bed of mortar. Mortar acts as a bed for each brick, filling any irregularities the bricks may have and helps to seal the structure from water and draught. Read more

Render repair

A popular and cost effective way to cover old brick or unsightly concrete blocks is with the use of concreter render. Applying a mix of lime, sand and cement, rendering the exterior of a building gives a smooth surface to bricks and blocks. Read more

Facade coating systems (Painting and protective coatings)

The exterior of a building is often painted to finish the surface. The right colour and paint job can set a building apart from others around it, while providing a protective coating to the exterior. Eventually paint may fade, flake or just date the building and need a new coat. Read more

Window and door refurbishment

Much of the exterior of a building may not necessarily be bricks and mortar, often the largest visible component are the windows and doors. These windows may have been the original cheap windows installed by the builder/developer and may never have been fit for service. Read more

Roof replacement

The roof of a building is one of the first things to go on during construction to get the building weatherproof. The roof of a building is important visually and structurally. If a roof starts to leak or if roofing tiles or sheets are loose, there’s a myriad of potential issues. Read more