Brickwork repointing

Workers hand placing a brick in place next to other bricks of the wall


When a structure is built using bricks, each row of bricks is layered on a bed of mortar. Mortar acts as a bed for each brick, filling any irregularities the bricks may have and helps to seal the structure from water and draught.

With so much of the surface area of a wall consisting of mortar, it is common for weather and time to start eroding it. Apart from the visual aspect of flaking or cracked mortar, this is potentially an opportunity for water ingress, which may cause long term structural issues. When mortar has deteriorated, brickwork repointing is required.

Repointing is the process of removing the old mortar to a depth of about 20mm and replacing it with fresh mortar that will help maintain the structure. Andersal have the experience to do your brickwork repointing right the first time. We’ll remove the old mortar, match the colour and replace it with the care to ensure no damage to the bricks and structural integrity.