Cavity flashing

White wall showing signs of cavity


The cavity formed between two walls (exterior and interior) will harbour moisture as the outside wall is usually designed to be the wet-wall and is separated by the cavity to ensure the inner wall stays dry. Of course this cavity needs to be kept free of debris and allow excess moisture to drain away. If this moisture was to accumulate it could cause damage to both surfaces. To direct this moisture out of the wall cavity, flashing is installed. Cavity flashing runs horizontally along the length of the wall angling down from the interior to the exterior, diverting water out through weep holes.

Constant exposure to moisture, over time, can start to corrode the flashing. Damaged cavity flashing will be ineffective at removing moisture from the wall cavity and potentially lead to further internal damage. At Andersal we can remove and replace all types of cavity flashing, and have the exterior surrounds protected and watertight.