Window and door refurbishment

Two workers are performing work on one of the buildings windows
Much of the exterior of a building may not necessarily be bricks and mortar, often the largest visible component are the windows and doors. These windows may have been the original cheap windows installed by the builder/developer and may never have been fit for service. They may leak or be draughty and provide very poor insulating properties for sound or temperature.

Refurbishing the different openings to your building isn’t just a great way to maintain a buildings appearance. A fresh colour to doors and windows can update the façade of a building. When organising a project of such a scale you need contractors that can handle the logistics to get the work done without inconveniencing tenants and provide the correct windows and doors with the Australian Standard for wind and water resistance given various exposure ratings that the building may encounter. Andersal’s contractors will get the work done without too much inconvenience.


Kirribilli Waruda
Facade repairs and painting