Structural Repair

View of a hole in the sealing and cracks in the wall


While the appearance of a building may be the main prompt to perform maintenance, the structural integrity should always be front of mind to owners and strata or building managers. Any structural issues with a building, if not addressed early, will have the potential for further issues and big costs increases.

Andersal has leading knowledge in all types of structural repair projects. Our experience and the range of technologies make us the ideal choice to renew your building to be as safe as it was when it was built.

There are many structural services we can offer:

Concrete strengthening

As concrete ages or if building uses change you may need to provide additional structural strength to your structure. When strengthening concrete it is important to correctly calculate the requirements of the strengthening and use the appropriate materials to get the job done effectively… Read more

Crack injection

Many different causes can lead to cracks in concrete and brick structures. While these may not immediately weaken the structure, they do open the building to moisture, which may lead to further structural damage. To repair crack when they start, crack injection can be used. A flexible… Read more

Cathodic protection

A possible cause of structural decay is ‘concrete cancer’. This is caused when water and contaminants seep into concrete and react with the steel reinforcement. The steel reinforcement corrodes and the concrete structure is weakened. To prevent this from happening cathodic protection can be employed… Read more

Carbon fibre strengthening

Carbon fibre is a newer material in building and construction, but its efficacy has been proven in the relatively short time it has been used. Compared to using steel reinforcement, carbon fibre is non-corrosive and light weight while maintaining high tensile strength… Read more

Brick ties and crack stitching

When cavity brick or block structures are built, brick ties are often used to link the two layers together and provide additional structural integrity. Brick ties are a metal, usually galvanised, device that binds the internal and external walls… Read more

Lintel replacement and panel strengthening

Lintels are large horizontal load bearing structures across large openings such as doors or walkways. They carry the full weight of the building above them and are very important structurally. If you have a lintel that needs replacing or want to make a new… Read more

Joint refurbishment and sealing

As temperatures change, concrete will expand and contract. This expansion and contraction would result in concrete cracking if not for the installation of expansion joints. When laying concrete, splits or ‘joints’ are cut into the concrete… Read more

Protective coatings

You may need to consider employing protective coatings for concrete surfaces. We can apply the best protective coating to suit your needs. Coatings can be applied to increase the weather and water resistance of a structure… Read more