Chinese Consulate

Waterproofing the car park

Client: People’s Republic of China / Grant Constructions

Location: Dunblane Street, Camperdown

Task: To waterproof the new prestigious Chinese Consulate that is the PRC major presence in Sydney.

Andersal Site Supervisor: Eddie Issa

Special Challenge

The builder Grant Constructions was under great pressure to “just get the job finished”. This is critical as membranes are easily breached by other trades (plumbers, electricians, tilers etc) if not carefully supervised. There were essentially 4 characteristically different areas to be waterproofed:

  • The external below ground car park walls
  • External car park slab and exposed roof
  • Balconies
  • All bathrooms

There was a major logistic problem getting product to site as there was only 1 small lane way available for all.


  • The external below ground carpark walls were sealed with Tremco based polyurathene.
  • The external carpark slab and roof were sealed with Wolfin S membrane. This was further protected with geofabric and pebble cover.
  • The balconies were sealed with SIKA TR23.
  • The bathrooms were sealed with Bostik ULTRA SEAL R.
  • More importantly the Site Supervisor – Eddie Issa spent a lot of time educating the building foremen and other traders on how not to damage waterproofing. There was some resistance at the time in policing other trades but we had a very appreciative builder by the end of the project.
  • Like most construction sites an area only became available for a short time window and waterproofing work had to be completed rapidly to allow others access to the area.