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Colgate Building Balmain

Client: Body Corporate / Strata Manager, Dynamic Property Services / Advisers to the Body Corporate, AECOM

Site: Colgate Avenue, Balmain

Task: Waterproof level 5 common terrace areas and the areas of the penthouse suites. Renovate the pool area. Remove the cast iron downpipes and replace them with stainless steel downpipes.

Andersal Site Supervisor: Peter Kloots

Special Challenge

  • The historic Colgate Palmolive Building was converted to a residential building in 2000. The waterproofing proved inadequate.
  • Demolition, spoil removal and tile delivery were conducted by crane as other access was inadequate.
  • The only access to the penthouse suites was through their private residences. We were required to remove walls to remove spoil by wheelbarrow and then use a garbage chute.
  • The residences and pool areas were refurbished with stainless steel and glass balustrading.
  • The construction was conducted from January 2011 to February 2012, one of Sydney’s most continuous wet periods.
  • Before work commenced on site extra leaks to many units had to have extraordinary temporary drip trays to allow work to progress to find the leak sources and to eliminate them.
  • The downpipe removal and installation had to be by rope access because other methods could not give access.
  • There were some complicating decision and communication issues within the Body Corporate and between the Body Corporate and the Managing Agent and their Consultant Adviser.

The Solution

  • Brybeck were contracted to remove tiles and tile bed, bag demolition waste and we had Botany Cranes to provide crane access.
  • Australian Waterproofing Services and Jim Myers Waterproofing were engaged to lay Wolfin and Torch-On membrane.
  • United Glass & Aluminium provided stainless steel and glass balustrading.
  • Frazer Access removed the cast iron downpipes and installed the stainless steel downpipes.

The Result

  • The leaks are all fixed.
  • The new tiles, balustrading and downpipes enhance an iconic Balmain Building.