Conservatorium of Music

14,000 m2 of Wolfin was installed during the major heritage restoration

Client: NSW Government Department of Commerce and the NSW Government Architect and architects Darryl Jackson and Robyn Dyke.

Location: Conservatorium of Music, Botanical Gardens, Sydney

Task: Waterproofing

Andersal Project Manager: Henk van den Heuvel

Special Challenge: Andersal’s challenge was tougher than usual because 12,000 square metres of gardens, landscaping and asphalt roads were to be laid over the new waterproofing.

Solution: The Wolfin waterproofing system was chosen because of its exemplary performance in landscaping projects and permanently damp areas, as well as, its proven track record on Public Works projects.

A self-adhesive membrane was laid under the garden beds, Wolfin GWSK was laid under the asphalt in the front driveways and Wolfin AF6 profile was cast into the concrete prior to membrane installation to form a termination for the sheet membranes themselves. All areas were water tested prior to being signed off to ensure the complete integrity of the installed system.

A combined material and labour warranty was issued to the client for a period of 20 years. This warrants that the performance of the entire structure is waterproof.