Concrete Waterproofing Solution

To ensure a quality solution to your waterproofing problems, the following is required: a correct diagnosis of the problem, a selection of appropriate quality product and efficient installation by skilled applicators.

We are all too aware of the serious damage that water can cause, both structurally and decoratively, so at Andersal we use a large array of waterproofing methods that will appropriately address client needs and specific job requirements while being cost-effective for the client.

The conventional system of waterproofing involves ‘membranes’, which relies on the application of one or more layers of membrane (polymer-based materials) that act as a barrier between the building structure and water, preventing damage. However, the process of applying the membrane needs to be exacting and thorough, which is where difficulties can be presented if membrane is not applied correctly. Older membrane materials such as PVC and HDPE are less resistant to water, which may also result in spalling.

Using the most suitable waterproofing application, Andersal has successfully repaired a wide variety of waterproofing problems in almost every type of structure in Sydney.