Why you need Waterproofing?

Why does concrete need waterproofing?

Whether you’re constructing a new structure or making repairs on an existing one, selecting the correct membrane for the structure is crucial. Concrete is not initially waterproof on its own, and the membrane you use will depend on various factors (location, type of structure, etc.). Contact us today for a thorough preliminary assessment of the premises. We may also make use of specialist structural engineering consultants and testing where it is required.

At Andersal, we work with leading industry suppliers to ensure that the building:

  • Maintains a rigorous profile (terminating)
  • Is adequately designed (a significant point of failure)
  • Has appropriate elongation properties to allow for building movement and expansion joints
  • Is UV stable when required
  • Is acid resistant when required
  • Contains a welding mechanism that will last

We work to ensure long term solutions that we warrant. We work with polymeric membranes where appropriate, where more brittle monomeric membranes might fail. We partner with suppliers who are committed to continue developing high-quality, long-lasting products to meet the requirements of the Australian environment.