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Anzac Memorial

Client: The Trustees of the ANZAC Memorial Building / NSW Government Architect

Location: Hyde Park

Task: Waterproof the podium level and stairs. Restore the cast bronze bas relief.

Andersal Site Supervisor: Peter Kloots

Special Challenge

  • The bronze bas relief is a very high quality artwork that was being attacked by water and salt leaking through the granite wall that supported the bas relief.
  • Water was also seeping through to the main room area of the memorial.
  • There was a number of other elements of the war memorial that were in poor repair.
  • The floor needed repairs.
  • Both sides of the ramp to the eternal flame chamber were damaged.
  • Two sand stone urns were deteriorating because of exposure to wind and rain.
  • Sympathetic hoardings were used during constructions.
  • Out of respect to the fallen, all work on the memorial ceased for a period at 11.00am each day


  • Andersal was previously engaged to waterproof all the podiums about 10 years ago.
  • Andersal was selected to survey damage and propose alternatives and was then contracted to repair all surveyed damage.
  • Andersal removed the granite cladding and removed the coping stones exposing the back of the bas relief.
  • Andersal repaired the concrete wall supporting the bas relief.
  • Andersal waterproofed the back of the bas relief with Wolfin membrane and attached this to the previously laid Wolfin (in the walls and floor)10 years ago.
  • Andersal engaged Sydney Artefacts Conservation to restore the bronze bas relief.
  • This painstaking detailed specialist brush and wax work restores the bronze to an excellent lustre matching the aging of the structure but highlighting and protecting the bronze.
  • Andersal installed cast pins in the concrete.
  • Andersal engaged EH Stone Masonry who employed Banker Mason, Ted Higgins to reinstate the granite cladding coping stones, glued to the cast pins, and then applied new grout to the joints.
  • Andersal repaired the Terrazzo floor with new colour matched tiles supplied by TAM Terrazzo.
  • Andersal restored the damage to the ramps leading to the eternal flame.
  • Security was a significant issue as there had been many thefts, muggings and drug activity in the vicinity of the memorial.
  • Each time a graffiti attack occurred on the hoarding Andersal immediately removed and painted over it to restore the appearance.
  • Andersal carefully removed the two sandstone urns and arranged for 2 spun copper lids to be attached by a threaded stainless steel rod cast into the urn with light weight concrete and then secured this with a stainless steel dome nut.
  • Andersal extensively water tested the structure to prove the integrity of the repair.