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Environmental Aspects

The City of Sydney prides itself on being a good corporate citizen and manages its assets responsibly to minimise adverse environmental aspects. Goulbourn Street Car Park is a very active space that accommodates 600 cars. Andersal strived to minimise any impact on daily parking. It is overlooked by city residences and Andersal strived to minimise noise particularly out of hours.

The Task

The main environmental imperatives were considered to be:

  • Recycle any waste that can be recycled.
  • Don’t disturb the public in the car park.
  • Minimise dust and debris in the car park.
  • Avoid early morning and late night noise for neighbouring residents.
  • Cause minimum disruption to the nearby roads.
  • Keep graffiti to a manageable minimum.

The Result

  • Over 150,000 tonne of waste (about 50K bricks and 5 tonne of steel work) was recycled not dumped.
  • City of Sydney took responsibility for warning local businesses and residents of the development and the works.
  • Work hours were generally confined from 7.00am to 5.00pm and minimal weekend work.
  • Dust and debris were tidied and binned as work progressed and at the end of each day.
  • Graffiti was immediately painted over.
  • Andersal Traffic Control Plan avoided disruptive work in the peak car park periods and utilised “lollipop” signs to safely control traffic.
  • The Site Supervisor had a large sign on each car park floor with his site office and contact details.
  • City of Sydney and Andersal received no complaints at all from car park users or local residents over the 12 month period.