Department of Housing Buildings

Andersal was engaged in remediation works to rectify extensive concrete spalling to the three Department of House buildings at Maloney Street, Rosebery; Northcott Building, Surry Hills; O’Dea Building, Camperdown.

“The contractor performed extremely well…… Very Good report noted” – Project Officer, Department of Commerce

Special Challenge

  • The Department of Housing wanted an optimum economic mix of access methods including swinging stage, knuckle-boom and industrial abseiling.
  • The budget was restricted to refurbish only the higher priority items.
  • Stringent OH&S compliance was necessary.
  • Andersal was warned at the pre-tender briefings that work may not proceed in some areas because of potentially violent or extreme resident objection. We in fact refurbished all areas nominated and maintained generally excellent relationship with tenants. Resident (reasonable and unreasonable) objections were handled politely and promptly. All workers briefed on dealing with difficult tenants and handling used needles.


  • Andersal achieved an excellent OH&S rating achieving no Lost Time Injury (LTI) for almost 20,000 man-hours of site work. The residences were fully occupied during the entire project. Safety audits were conducted by DoC, DoC agents and Andersal throughout.
  • We hired 3 knuckle-booms and 6 swinging stages and used abseilers to achieve a least cost outcome for the client.
  • We used Parchem Patchroc C on walkways at Northcott as it is a high strength quick drying concrete to cause minimal disruption to residents. We used carbon fibre strengthening at Maloney as a least cost strengthening to the garbage chutes.
  • The client achieved some 3,900 high quality concrete repairs requiring 33,000 litres of concrete for just over $3M. This was a very cost-effective result.

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