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Often building owners are satisfied that as long as everything is nice and comfortable inside, attention to updating the exterior can be neglected.

Strata managers and owners should be concerned for a few reasons. The first is property value and aesthetics of the building. Secondly, it may be a concern structurally. Many regular external repairs and retouches are more than cosmetic. Remedial work on external facades is often performed in conjunction with major waterproofing and/or concrete repair works.

Andersal will diagnose the root cause of the problem and provide the appropriate treatment to repair the building. Restoration may also involve preserving the heritage and as such require special techniques and less intrusive cleaning methods.

Facade Repair

Here are some of the services we provide:

Balustrade Replacement and Balcony Repair

Balconies and the outdoor areas often require remedial repairs or upgrades due to concrete spalling or waterproofing issues. Key parts of any balcony are the railings and balustrades (the vertical support for railings), which over time will can degrade due to weathering or are required to up-date older designs, or are simply uneconomical to maintain.

Lintel Replacement

Lintels are used to provide structural strength over openings to carry the load above. Like many other concrete or steel structures, these horizontal beams over time can become susceptible to degradation due to concrete cancer. When this happens, replacement needs to happen sooner rather than later to avoid the risk of needing additional repairs.

Cavity Flashing

The cavity formed between two walls (exterior and interior) will harbour moisture as the outside wall is usually designed to be the wet-wall and is separated by the cavity to ensure the inner wall stays dry. Cavity flashing is used to divert water out through weep holes. Constant exposure to moisture, over time, can start to corrode the flashing.

Mason Repair

Repair of masonry, particularly where large blocks have been used can be a suitable alternative to replacement, with a more reasonable price tag. Our skilled tradespeople can repair masonry with a variety of methods that will bring the structure back to its original standard, both structurally and visually.

Brickwork Repointing

Over time weather can start to erode the bed of mortar surrounding brickwork and cause water ingress. Repointing is the process of removing the old mortar to a depth of about 20mm and replacing it with fresh colour matched mortar that will help maintain the structure.

Render Repair

Over time render can start to crack due to weather or movement of the building. Depending on the extent of the damage, repairs can be made to restore the building exterior to its former glory. If caught early small, localised repairs can be made. Larger cracks can also be repaired and may need painting.

Painting and Protective Coatings

Paint and other products are used as protective coatings to the exterior of buildings and structures. Eventually, paint may fade, flake or just date the building and need a new coat. It’s important to get the job done right so that the coating system lasts as long as possible without delaminating or failing.

Roof Replacement

The roof of a building is one of the most important areas to be weatherproof. If a roof starts to leak or become structurally unsound there’s a myriad of potential issues. Andersal is experienced in waterproofing and replacing all types of roof structures.

Window and Door Refurbishment

Refurbishing doors and windows is often a major part of a facade upgrade. Using a trusted professional is essential to ensure correct fitting to the Australian Standard for wind and water resistance given various exposure ratings that the building may encounter.

Does your building need repair or an upgrade?

Delays to remedial repairs could cost you more in the long run. Enquire with us for a quote today!
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