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Diagnosing the root cause of structural damage is critical for understanding the extent of remedial repairs.

While the appearance of a building may be the main prompt to perform maintenance, the structural integrity should always be front of mind. If not addressed early, structural repair issues, will have the potential for further issues and big cost increases.

Andersal has leading technical knowledge in choosing the right methods and products that will restore the structure. Our project experience make us the ideal choice to renew your building to be as safe as it was when it was built.

Structural Repair

Structural Repair services we provide:

Concrete Strengthening

As concrete ages or if building uses change you may need to provide additional structural strength to your structure. When strengthening concrete it is important to correctly calculate the requirements and use the appropriate materials.

Crack Injection

Many different causes can lead to cracks in concrete and brick structures. While these may not immediately weaken the structure, they do open the building to moisture, which may lead to further structural damage. A flexible substance such as polyurethane is injected into the crack and provides waterproofing while binding the surfaces on either side.

Cathodic Protection

Cathodic protection uses an anode to apply a current to the reinforcement. The steel reinforcement then becomes cathodic and as such resistant to corrosion. This cathodic resistance against corrosion decreases the chances of concrete cancer.

Carbon Fibre Strengthening

Carbon fibre can be used to reinforce structures that are degrading or have additional load added to them and need the reinforcement to carry more weight. The fibres are non-corrosive and light weight whilst maintaining a high tensile strength. It can be applied to concrete beams, columns and slabs.

Brick Ties and Crack Stitching

Brick ties used to bind internal and external walls can corrode over time, especially if galvanising is inadequate, causing cracks to form. To counter failing brick ties, stainless steel helical ties can be used to provide additional resistance to corrosion. Crack stitching using profiled stainless steel bars, resin grout and other innovative products can also be an effective method of repair.

Lintel Replacement and Panel Strengthening

Lintels are large horizontal load bearing structures that carry the full weight of the building above and are very important structurally. Similarly, walls that need to be strengthened can have pre-cast concrete panels added to the structure, giving additional support or taking some of the load bearing that decaying walls can no longer provide.

Magnesite Floor Removal

Magnesite flooring was commonly laid in the 1960’s and 70’s as a concrete topping and self-finish floor screed. The material is moisture absorbing and can cause a migration of chloride salts, a known cause for accelerated corrosion of steel reinforcement within the concrete floor slab.

Joint Refurbishment and Sealing

When laying concrete, splits or ‘joints’ are cut into the concrete to allow room for expansion and contraction and as such prevent cracks. As well as repairing damaged joints, flexible sealants can be applied to add an additional barrier against moisture.

Protective Coatings

Special coatings are used for corrosion protection of steel structures and concrete areas. Coatings can be applied to increase the water resistance of a structure and can add durability in high traffic areas or provide protection to chemicals in industrial settings. All prolonging the life of your building.

Does your building need repair or an upgrade?

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