Aurora Place, Sydney

Andersal was engaged to assist develop a technical specification to restore two large metal roof structures showing some advanced stages of corrosion on a 44-storey high rise building at Aurora Place.

Construction of the 44-storey building at Aurora Place, Sydney was completed in 2000 and by 2010 corrosion and failure of protective coatings was reported by building management on two large architectural roof structures named the Western Sail and Eastern Louvre Roof.

An initial trail works was completed including:

  • 1000 new structural sections in total
  • 700m2 of new waterproofing system
  • 350 structural connection cleats including 3000 individual fixings over a 1500m2 sail facade structure
  • 1500m of louvre rafters on a 1800m2 slopping louvred roof with over 50 000 individual fixings

Special Challenge

The geometry and location of the Eastern and Western roof structures are such that scaffold could not be used to carry out the works. For the same reason, it would not be feasible for the building owners to carry out regular maintenance of the structures such as washing down or spot repairing coatings after the completion of the works.

Rope access was determined to be fit as the primary means of access to the work front. It provided the ability to access even the most difficult of areas in a cost effective and safe manner.

A structural engineer was engaged to carry out analysis of the Western Sail and Eastern Roof. The structures were computer modelled enabling the engineer input design load assumptions and produce strength criteria. With this information Andersal was able to design a temporary bracing solution to allow for the removal of existing connection nodes as well as design and fabricate new nodes.

Andersal also re-designed the dog bone cleat (node) configuration so that future work to release the cleats could be done without more damage to the structure.

A NACE CIP inspector was engaged to assess the environmental and existing protective coating conditions. This information was used to develop 4 different coating systems to suit the varying conditions across the structures.

The maintenance requirement for the building was significantly reduced by replacing protective coated mild steel components with high grade coated materials such as Powder-Coated Aluminium 6061-T6 for louvre panel rafters and Electropolished Cast Stainless Steel for connection nodes DBC’s.

A high-density polymer sheet membrane system was also designed and installed with a 20-year design life to supplement Colorbond roof sheets that leaked around the stud columns and to replace sealants and waterproof the glazed ceiling. All these were designed & intellectual property by Andersal Pty Ltd.


  • By adopting high grade materials, the long-term maintenance costs for the structures will be significantly reduced.
  • The tenancy environment was improved by stopping water leaks.
  • Aesthetics were improved with new coatings replacing surfaces that were visibly flaking and corroding.
  • The structural repair of the roof structures brought confidence to the client that the area was sound and not a hazard for the tenants and general public.

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