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Heritage restoration requires an understanding of clients’ wants within the sometimes conflicting requirements of cost, practicalities and heritage legislation.

As heritage structures are often owned by or held in trust by Governments (or the Government Architect), Councils, Trustees and Churches, restorations are subject to different levels of funding and governance.

Andersal can often advise on alternative remedial methods. Sometimes we only need to arrest further deterioration whilst at other times, we conduct a purist restoration back to the original condition. 

We have a network of skilled artists and craftspeople who work with us on heritage structures such as stonemasons; banker masons; bronze artefact restorers; and terrazzo suppliers to name a few.

Heritage Restoration
Heritage Restoration

Andersal tradespeople always will respect the structure, protect the structure and strive not to damage the structure.

Our core skill set is concrete repair, waterproofing, difficult access and abseiling. We find innovative solutions to complex problems using our depth of product and material aging knowledge. At Andersal, our mission is diagnosing the root cause of the problem and providing robust solutions.

Andersal has successfully completed many restorations in structures of heritage significance such as: Anzac Memorial, Hyde ParkSt. Paul’s Anglican Church, Burwood; Colgate Building, BalmainGlebe Island Silos, Glebe and The Conservatorium of Music, Sydney.

We find our clients seek practical and cost-effective alternatives and we quote on a wide range of structures.

As an example, we were asked to look at damaged granite block at Garden Island Dry Dock.

The damaged granite did not warrant the expense of full granite block replacement. The client was pleased to receive a quote for crushed granite and epoxy mix trowelled into the damage after installation of Helifix pins into the main block to anchor the repair. This was significantly cheaper than the full replacement option with the architectural appearance and integrity retained.

Heritage Restoration

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