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The long-term structural integrity of concrete is largely dependent on the quality of the waterproofing applied.

Andersal is a highly experienced waterproofing contractor. Using the most appropriate waterproofing materials and methods is critical to avoid costly repairs and future  remediation work.

Concrete expands and contracts in different weather conditions. Over time when concrete moves like this it often leads to cracks and if not properly waterproofed it will cause concrete cancer and spalling.

Waterproofing represents 1.8% of a building’s construction costs, but accounts for a whopping 83% of building defect complaints. These are costs that can be easily avoided or minimised if high quality waterproofing is applied in the first instance.

Painting liquid waterproofing membrane to concrete

Sustainable waterproofing applications are required for:



Terraces / decks

Planter boxes

Retention walls and basement walls

Concrete roof tops, green roofs & landscaped areas

Podium slabs

Car parks & Basements

Lift pits

Portable water tanks

Detention, retention, header & dump tanks

Any other concrete wet area where water flowing through cracks can cause leaching and corrosion.


Remedial Waterproofing Solutions

Where waterproofing has failed and a structure is showing signs of concrete cancer and spalling, it is critical to correctly diagnose the problem. It is best to use specialist structural engineering consultants who can assess and test for structural issues.

Once the root cause of waterproofing failure, concrete cancer, or concrete spalling is identified, the process of repair can commence. The type of repairs required will depend on the type of structure and its location, the building materials used, and the extent of the damage.

Andersal adopt a holistic approach to ensure a project is 100% waterproof. We understand how each of the trades affects the waterproofing and will select the right membrane system for the right application.

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Waterproofing repairs may involve:

Replacement of steel reinforcement.

Chemical treatment of steel reinforcements to prevent further corrosion.

Concrete repair and / or replacement.

Repairs to joint seals and flashing.

Application of a suitable high-quality waterproofing membrane.

Application of suitable high-quality coatings and sealants.

Does your building need repair or an upgrade?

Delays to remedial repairs could cost you more in the long run. Enquire with us for a quote today!
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