Bream Street, Coogee

Andersal was engaged to solve the water ingress problem for the top 2 penthouses and the entire building complex.

Special Challenge

The building had been leaking since initial construction. There had been numerous ad hoc attempts to fix bits of the problem, but these generally failed and the endemic problems remained. The 2 penthouses had leaking balconies, leaking rear door thresholds, and leaking planter boxes. There were 3 leaking skylights. The common area sundeck leaked; water seeped through walls of most units as the cavity flashing was totally inadequate. The result was extensive internal water damage, peeling paint, rotting carpet and stench.

Roof access is by crane blocking the street requiring council and resident approvals.


  • Access uses was via elevated work platform, knuckle boom lift and swinging stage.
  • Andersal installed static lines so fall arrest equipment could be used on all the roof area.
  • A 25 tonne City Crane provided equipment, membrane and tiling.
  • The wall cavity was partly full of an extraordinary collection of sand, cement, electric cable, plywood and plastic bags which ensured the incorrectly installed cavity flashing was totally useless. Andersal cleaned the cavity.
  • Some 300m of cavity flashing was installed utilising cavity flashing screw jacks and using WAKAFLEX – a superior product to traditional lead flashing. It is flexible, non-toxic, paintable, light, durable, easy to use and one third the cost.
  • Andersal sealed the 300m roof area with Cosmofin. Originally this area had a liquid membrane that failed. Torch on membrane was a possibility but because water was trapped under the slab, Andersal recommended Cosmofin at slightly greater cost as this produced both the best waterproofing and the ability to let water vapour release over time so the slab could fully dry out.
  • Illegal non-building code compliant planter boxes were removed to increase the effective balcony areas.
  • Andersal coated the rear common sundeck BBQ area with Dry Treat to seal the tiles and prevent water soaking through the slab.

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