Broadway Shopping Centre

The M&M heritage-listed, four storey building is an eclectic architectural style with a combination of Free Classical and Baroque details combined with robust Romanesque arcading and the exuberant corner tower with its French overtones.

The design of the tower (cupola) is in the Edwardian Mannerist Baroque style with broken arched pediments which spring from cartouches, surrounding the clock faces and four bold obelisks marking the corners. On top of the tower is a large metal framed glazed sphere.

Structural and facade repairs to the roof and parapet walls were required to fix major leaks as well as preservation and repairs to the clock tower, cupola, flagpole and sandstone parapet walls.

Clock Tower

  • Clean rust and apply protective coating to the steel drum, tie beams and plates
  • Conserve the clock frames and repaint to reduce water penetration to the clock face


  • Repairs to the copper tiled roof and timber
  • Reinstate timber lightning rods
  • Replace iron cladding


  • The rotted timber flagpole was repaired

Parapet Walls

  • Removal of steel fixings and repairs to sandstone and brickwork
  • Kill vegetation growth from parapet walls
  • Treat corrosion of window arch bars and apply protective coating
  • Investigate structural strength of leaning wall
  • Render repairs

Special Challenge

  • Difficult access to the clock tower and cupola on the roof top.
  • Restoration to heritage standards to preserve the building and its distinctive features.
  • The fragile domes and sandstone parapet walls simulating a tower needed special care.
  • Many attempts by others had been made to fix and rectify the leaks.


  • Industrial abseilers provided special access to the clock tower and parapet.
  • Scaffold was built to surround the cupola and provide access to repair the lightning rods.
  • Extensive water testing, diagnosis and repairs were carried out by our skilled workforce.

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