St. Paul’s Anglican Church

Andersal was engaged to carry out heritage restoration and refurbish the heritage Bell Tower.

The pinnacle carved section of the Bell Tower at St. Paul’s Anglican Church was in poor condition. The louvres needed replacing, the masonry needed re-pointing and the roof access hatch was almost unworkable.

Special Challenge

There was nearly a 2-year time delay between the report and the start of work on site as the church arranged necessary funding and approvals.

This resulted in some additional deterioration of the asset.


It was assessed that the cracked carved section was caused by a rusting internal steel pin and that this section was able to be refurbished.

A crane was used to remove the pinnacle completely. The bottom section was cut away and replaced. New stainless-steel pins were inserted into the carved section and a new stainless steel pin inserted to join the base to the upper section. The carved section was glued with epoxy.

The louvres in the Bell Tower were replaced with matching material. The internal masonry was repointed and we replaced the roof access hatch.

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