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The restoration of the Paul Beadle sculptures

Paul Beadle, Mural Sculpture – Farmer, Brewer, Drayman, Publican August 05, 2022 by Kennards Self Storage When overseas tourists think of the harbour city, their thoughts no doubt turn to the usual suspects: the Opera House and the Bridge. But savvy locals know Sydney has more unique landmarks than these two; sites that evoke childhood memories,

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Henk van den Heuvel OAM

Henk van den Heuvel OAM: Andersal GM awarded the Order of Australia

Andersal General Manager and Board Member and Past President of ACRA – Henk van den Heuvel has been bestowed with one of the highest honours by the Governor-General, this Australia Day, 26 January 2022. Henk has been awarded membership to the Order of Australia for significant service to the building industry. Henk is an outstanding

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Strata managers guide to building defects

Strata Guide to building defects

An estimated three million people live in strata titled homes in Australia. New South Wales boasts the largest number of strata titled properties in Australia, with nearly a quarter, or approximately 1.2 million people living in strata titled homes across the state. This presents an interesting situation, as an increasing number of Sydney residents find themselves legally

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Waterproofing - Durable Waterproofing Solution

How to Guarantee Your Structure Has a Durable Waterproofing Solution

The effective waterproofing of concrete is essential in maintaining the integrity of your building and its structure. A durable waterproofing solution requires: an effectively designed structure that provides for a durable waterproofing solution (poor design is often a significant point of failure). a high quality, properly installed waterproofing membrane that terminates over a structure. the

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Methodologies used to Repair Concrete Cancer

Issues arising from concrete cancer and spalling will generally affect the facade of a building or in more serious cases the structure of the building itself. An engineer needs to assess a building for concrete cancer and spalling to determine the extent of the damage. Often concrete cancer and spalling will affect multiple parts of

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Waterproofing membranes

Why Does Waterproofing Fail?

Where the application of waterproofing on a concrete structure fails, it can usually be attributed to some or all of the following reasons: Lack of effective planning. Waterproofing services are commonly overlooked in the planning and construction phase of a site. A good start is to employ a Project Manager or Site Foreman with the

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Risks of not Repairing Concrete Cancer Properly

What are the Risks of not Repairing Concrete Cancer Properly?

It is important to remember what causes concrete cancer. If the cause of the concrete cancer is not properly identified, removed, repaired and sealed then concrete cancer will continue to develop and re-emerge over time. Once concrete cancer re-emerges, it will progressively develop issues within the structure of a building which makes living in that

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ACRA Award 2020 for research design and innovation

ACRA Research, Design and Innovation Award 2020

On March 5th, 2021, ACRA Members and guests gathered in Sydney for the Remedial Industry Awards for Excellence dinner. Andersal was delighted to be awarded the National ACRA Research, Design and Innovation Award for Proof-of-Concept Trail Works at Aurora Place. Andersal have been active, long-term active members of ACRA – Australasian Concrete Repair & Remedial

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Waterproofing roof with Wolfin sheet membrane

Waterproofing: The Key to Ensuring Success

Over 80% of complaints about building are waterproofing issues, and so many of these issues lie in the control of the builder or principle contractor. So how does the builder, supervisor or site foreman be in control and on top of the waterproofing? The answer is in the knowledge of the other trades that go

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Facade Repair

The Real Cost of Remedial Work

This article introduces, through examples, causes of the high cost of fixing defects in recently constructed residential strata buildings. What are the main drivers? While not all the causes of defects can be discussed here, major contributors to the Cost of remedial works include: builder/developer rush to completion design and construct simplifications, detailing for constructability,

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Waterproofing services to protect your building storm damage

Is Your Building Watertight? Waterproofing 101 with Wolfin Membranes

Did you know that waterproofing represents 1.8% of a building’s construction costs, but accounts for a whopping 83% of building defect complaints? The recent Sydney storm that tore through the region in an unexpectedly damaging start to the cooler season left a stream of warehouses and buildings in Sydney’s western suburbs and beyond damaged. Could

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How Commercial Concrete is Helping Your Business Go Green

The following article was written for Andersal by the team of waste removal specialists at Sydney’s Bingo Group. Whether you’re reading this on your way to work, while at the office, or during the commute between meetings, pause to take a look at your surroundings. What do you see? In today’s fast-growing, material intensive economy,

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Concrete Cancer Driving Strata Owners to Bankruptcy

The Courier Mail reports on a slew of concrete cancer riddled apartment buildings now threatening to cost strata owners billions. A recent Queensland incident has once again highlighted the importance of quick response times when it comes to battling the devastating effects of concrete cancer. The Courier Mail has reported that an “epidemic of concrete cancer in older

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Waterproofing and Concrete Repairs Save Our Heritage Sites

Let me ask you this: can you imagine this city without the Sydney Harbour Bridge? Since 1932 the ‘Coathanger’ has been emblematic of Sydney’s glittering brilliance. For the displaced peoples from Europe, who caught sight of the bridge as they rolled into Sydney Harbour, it was an emblem of a better future. How about the

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Don’t Fail to Fix Concrete Damage Right Away

Concrete Damage? Procrastinators, don’t hesitate to act in this situation! Putting off repairs to a damaged concrete structure can have catastrophic consequences, both to the structure and to the wallet of whomever or whatever entity it belongs to. If you let it sit without having a professional concrete contractor assess the damage and make the

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