Risks of not Repairing Concrete Cancer Properly

What are the Risks of not Repairing Concrete Cancer Properly?

It is important to remember what causes concrete cancer. If the cause of the concrete cancer is not properly identified, removed, repaired and sealed then concrete cancer will continue to develop and re-emerge over time.

Once concrete cancer re-emerges, it will progressively develop issues within the structure of a building which makes living in that building unpleasant. Structural damage caused by concrete cancer leads to cracked bricks, shifting walls, plumbing issues, windows which crack, doors which are not plumb, and so on. Where the structural integrity of a building continues to be compromised, the repair works will be a significant cost. In the worst-case scenario, it may be necessary to demolish a building and rebuild it from scratch.

Prevention is cheaper than the cure. Engage a structural engineer who has experience with these projects.

What Could Concrete Cancer Cost You?

The costs to repair the damage caused by concrete cancer and spalling increase with the severity of the damage. When building defects are left untreated, the damage becomes more severe and can represent a significant long-term cost to property owners, strata managers and body corporates.

When concrete cancer causes damage to the structural integrity of a building, the costs can start adding quickly from:

  • emergency repairs for temporary fixes.
  • damage claims from property owners.
  • legal advice and proceedings.
  • finding residents alternative living arrangements.
  • depreciation of a property’s value.
  • remediation work to restore the buildings structural integrity.
  • risks to public safety.
  • compliance with government regulations.
  • building demolition and redevelopment.

When issues arising from concrete cancer are detected and repaired early, these long-term costs to owners can be avoided.

Where do you find a Remedial Engineer to Fix Concrete Cancer?

Reputation is important in the building industry. Try asking friends or associates who have recently had building problems repaired.

If you live in a unit, strata managers can often advise on capable remedial engineers as they often deal with remedial repairs and building refurbishment.

The peak representative industry body is ACRA (Australian Concrete Repair Association). They list current active remedial engineers as well as active remedial contractors.

Andersal is a leading concrete repair contractor, call us for a quote on 1800 066 327 or email enquiries@andersal.com.au.

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