Waterproofing - Durable Waterproofing Solution

How to Guarantee Your Structure Has a Durable Waterproofing Solution

The effective waterproofing of concrete is essential in maintaining the integrity of your building and its structure. A durable waterproofing solution requires:

  • an effectively designed structure that provides for a durable waterproofing solution (poor design is often a significant point of failure).
  • a high quality, properly installed waterproofing membrane that terminates over a structure.
  • the structure to have appropriate elongation properties to allow for building movement and expansion joints.
  • the waterproofing to be UV resistant and stable when required.
  • the waterproofing to be acid-resistant when required.
  • the structure to contain a welding mechanism that is durable.

Waterproofing During Construction

Installing a high quality, durable waterproofing solution correctly the first time will save you from a large rectification cost and a significant inconvenience in the future.

Before construction commences, there should be a plan on how waterproofing is to be integrated into the building process. An architect or engineer should be able to consider and plan for the waterproofing application.

Once construction is underway, it is important to have a builder, supervisor, or site foreman who understands and knows what is required to install a high quality, durable waterproofing solution for any type of concrete building structure. This requires the builder, supervisor, or site foreman to be able to effectively plan and communicate with other contractors during the construction process.

They need to know:

  • how the tiler will interact with the waterproofer.
  • what the bricklayer should have in place for the waterproofing to be effective.
  • how to coordinate the windows installer, the electrician, the renderer, the plumber, the concreter, the landscaper, and the air-conditioning installer.

All of these trades play a vital role in making sure the waterproofing works to prevent structural damage.

Andersal adopt a holistic approach to ensure a project is 100% waterproof; understand how each of the trades affects the waterproofing and be able select the right membrane system for the right application.

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