Park Avenue, Mosman

Retiling and waterproofing to terrace areas, walkways and balconies. Replacement of windows and doors.

Special Challenge

Water ingress had been a persistent problem. The main liquid membrane was 12 years old and had been leaking for years. The aluminium doors and windows were the wrong category and could not cope with rain and driving wind. Flashing was inadequate on the main slab and throughout causing leaks through floors and walls. The fall on balconies was inadequate causing ponding.

The site was steep and somewhat remote from the road with 8 stories high.


  • The demolition of the existing tiles and tile bed proved difficult as there was a lot of waste which had to be conveyed by rubbish chutes and belt conveyor to skip bins
  • A 75-tonne crane was used principally for the tiles and waterproofing membrane and assistance with rubbish removal.
  • The new concrete surface and applied adhesive Wolfin S PVC.
  • Care was taken to re-establish the reference levels for adequate run off.
  • New custom aluminium doors and windows were installed with correct flashing.

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