Crown Rd, Queenscliff

Remedial repairs were carried out to top floor terrace area including tile replacement and new balustrade, replacement of large foyer windows and balcony waterproofing.

Special Challenge

  • Weather during the removal of the old waterproofing and the installations of the new waterproofing.
  • The installations of the new glass balustrade.
  • The access to the driveway with limited access for the crane.
  • To keep the security of the property and individual privacy of the client during the project.
  • The materials storage and the load distributions on the balconies during the projects.


  • Establishment of scaffold for access to top floor terrace.
  • The demolition of the existing tiles and tile bed.
  • Old handrails dismantled to be replaced with new glass balustrade.
  • Sika Sarmfil waterproofing membrane installed.

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