Cooper Park Road Bellevue Hill

This large condominium of 25 high quality units required a complete external make-over including:
  • Demolition of 2,000m2 of tiles and thick slab toppings and replacement with quality Travertine.
  • Concrete repairs and application of painted membrane system to planter walls.
  • Cavity flashing, brick and render repairs.
  • Application of heat welded sheet membrane system by Wolfin to external areas.
  • Installation of new storm water system including establishing new surface falls and plumbing.
  • Detailed patterned tiling.
  • Installation of custom pool fencing.

Special Challenge

  • Large slopping site retracted from street resulted in limited material handling options.
  • All pathways curved on plan requiring a high amount of accurate tile cutting noting that no skirting tiles were used to cover finished cuts.
  • Over 350 large custom cut Travertine sections to be installed as treads and pool copping.


  • Low height buggie Manitou, large crane trucks and a system of conveyor belts were used to transport screed material and tiles throughout the site.
  • Andersal achieved exceptional quality within budget with highly skilled workmanship in waterproofing and tiling.

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