Botany Road Apartment Car Park

Andersal was engaged to fix massive water leaks to the car park.

Special Challenge

The work was urgent as the owner could not get an occupancy certificate from council.

The waterproofing work around the basement was inadequate or non-existent.

The complex is in a low-lying area of Botany and the basement resembled a swimming pool after heavy rains at the time Andersal was engaged.


The original developer started this project in 1995. It was then on sold partially built to another developer. A number of builders tried to finish the construction but at the end of building the car park had many defects and the certifier wouldn’t issue an occupancy certificate. Hutchinson Builders were engaged to sort out all the problems and they engaged Andersal to fix the water leaks. Basically, the basement walls all leaked as did the OSD tank and some of the construction and expansion joints.

Andersal was engaged in June 2011 and decided to repair it by a combination of grout injection to unfilled blockwork walls, chemical injection, epoxy coating, waterproof render and polyurethane joint sealing. This resulted in a dry basement, a huge relief to Hutchinson and the developer.

There was a large amount of skill and experience in selecting the correct method for each section of the basement. There are different injection chemicals with different rates of spread and cure. The number and spacing of injection nipples has to be determined. When we started we discovered that some of blockwork walls had not been filled so we had to inject with grout.

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