Kennards Self Storage Petersham

Andersal was engaged in the careful restoration to save a piece of history, involving repair and strengthening to the Kennards building facade, incorporating four concrete pre-cast sculptures.

The building facade faces busy Parramatta Rd, Petersham and the project involved removing and replacing the failing render wall around the artworks. It was critical to strengthen and stabilise the facade safely during the restorations.

Andersal working closely with ICS (International Conservation Services) to integrate the fresh render with the aesthetic appearance of the sculptures to ensure works presented in a harmonious way.

The finished product is what we can now all see today, as the sculptures begin their next chapter as a wonderful public artwork.

Special Challenge

The facade sculptures are the Tooheys Brewery Sculptures, which were created by New Zealand artist Paul Beadle in 1954. They were commissioned by the Tooheys Brewery and were originally displayed on the brewery site in Petersham, Sydney. The sculptures were made of sand/cement, and they depict the different stages of beer production, from growing the ingredients to brewing, transporting, and serving the beer. They were left in position when the brewery was closed.

The sculptures were considered an important example of public art in Australia, and have been described as “a rare and important example of a commissioned work of art that celebrated the industrial process of beer production.” The sculptures can be viewed from the street, though not accessible to the public.

Over the years the sculptures had suffered water ingress and there was damage to the restraining pins behind the façade. Much of the surrounding render had also deteriorated and had become loose and drummy, a potential safety risk for pedestrians and for the potential loss of an important part of brewing history and the art world.


The sculptures are now in a stable condition and the added strength that was provided to the cementitous surfaces by the consolidation treatment will improve the retention of fine surface detail and promote good preservation outcomes. The condition of the sculptures has been improved by the removal of pollution deposits and the repointing of cracks and joints that were allowing increased water ingress.

The whole façade was then finished with Kennards corporate colour scheme and the original building colour scheme .

This historic landmark is located at 606 Parramatta Road, Petersham.

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