Glebe Island Silos

A major project for Cement Australia was untaken to strengthen 12 silos, enabling them to be filled to capacity. The existing silos were designed for grain and only strong enough to be half filled with cement product.

The Glebe Island Silos project duration was just over 18 months. In total, there were 67 concrete pours, approximately 2,000 ton of concrete or approximately 850 cubic meters, along with 150 ton of reinforcing steel and 81 columns of carbon fiber wrapping.

Special Challenge

Cement Australia run a very tight OH&S regime because of the inherent safety risks in working in an operating industrial cement storage facility.

The silos had to be cleared of existing compacted cement and cement dust prior for personnel working internally in the silos.

An access door had to be cut into the silos above the concrete base to allow access for the steel fixers, form workers and concreters.

Andersal worked in cooperation with Cement Australia operations to ensure that the facility continues to provide cement and fly ash to its customers without delays and minimal interruption to the operations of the terminal and shipping schedules.



  • Full removal of all remaining cement from the inside of the silos by robe access under confined space. Use a crusher to break up the hardened lumps so the product could be recycled.
  • The construction of new internal reinforced concrete silo linings to the bottom of the silos, allowing for clean out of the silos, appropriate access and shortening of the existing air slides to accommodate the new work.
  • Supply and construction of new concrete encased UC’s under the silo cones including new concrete foundations.
  • Construction of new sections of reinforced concrete perimeter walls under the silos and inside the silos as well as the removal and modifications to selected windows and doors.
  • Carbon Fibre-Reinforced Polymer wrapping of 48 circular and 33 square columns under the silos.
  • Removal and reconstruction of terminal offices, amenities and storerooms.
  • Painting the exterior to restore it to its heritage conformity.
  • Aurecon consulting engineers was responsible for the design and certification.

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