Victoria St, Potts Point

Due to the inconsistent façade geometry of this large residential Potts Point complex, Andersal carried out remedial works via industrial rope access.

The purpose of this project was to upgrade the deteriorating roof sheeting and facade cladding of the apartment building. The scope of works included repair of metal, concrete, masonry, waterproofing and stormwater systems.

Special Challenge

Most challenging aspect of this project was the custom installation of new Colorbond cladding and roofing structures under strict heritage, corrosion resistance and strength criteria.


To provide adequate drainage to the west elevation of the building, the works carried out included:

  • Removal of the existing sheet metal roof and cladding systems including metal support structure, bracketry and fixings.
  • Concrete repair to the previous fixing locations and other latent conditions as required found during the removal of the before mentioned systems.
  • Repairs to brickwork.
  • Installation of a new membrane system to the horizontal concrete structures.
  • Replacement of the roof sheeting and cladding systems including a new support structure.
  • Installation of a new hydraulic system (gutters and downpipes) to provide adequate drainage to the before mentioned systems.

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