Bondi Beach Pool


Client: Waverley Council, Sydney

Location: North Bondi Beach

Task: Remedial repair

  • Increasing the height of the pool wall by 300mm to reduce the amount of sand infiltration
  • Installation of a concrete access ramp to comply with the latest accessibility codes
  • Excavation through the sandstone rock shelf and laying an intake pipe
  • Replacement of an automatic,self-priming pump
  • Erection of stainless steel handrails
  • Removal of trip hazards
  • The application of an epoxy coating to the inside surfaces
Andersal Project Manager: Henk van den Heuvel

Special Challenges
The northern end of world famous Bondi Beach is a tidal pool popular with generations of locals and tourists. Built in 1965, the pool has been subject to constant wave action and the influx of sand and this has necessitated a high level of maintenance.

To ensure a trouble-free design life of 50 years, marine-grade, Norwegian stainless steel reinforcement from Arminox® of Brisbane was used extensively in the floor and walls of the newly placed 50MPa strength concrete.

Andersal’s supervising engineer Henk van den Heuvel said “although the concrete repair work was hampered by high tides and storms, we still managed to finish the work within the allocated time and budget.”