Harbourviews, Neutral Bay

Harbourviews is a residential building consisting of 90 units, 9 levels of residency and 2 carpark floors. The carpark slab was showing signs of fatigue and test samples confirmed.

Diagnostech is a building consulting company that Andersal has worked with for many years. Andersal was engaged in the design and rectification of the carpark structural repairs. The design stage consisted of multiple design options including the potential complete demolition of the entire carpark slab.

Special Challenge

The structural engineers and civil engineers assigned with the task came up with a time and cost-effective solution to use Carbon Fibre Strips. The structural engineers then came up with a design that would be adequate to rectify and increase the capacity of the slab to preserve and prevent further fatigue.

There was major concrete spalling and concrete cancer that needed to be rectified before any carbon fibre application was proceeded with.


  • The design consisted of approximately 3.3 kilometres of carbon fibre strips all applied overhead.
  • Approximately 1800 litres of repairs were carried out to both the underside and topside of the slap.
  • Once completed the carbon fibre was installed on an un-Leiden slab and a protective coating was applied in a 5-coat system covering area of 800 m2.
  • All materials were supplied by Sika Australia and Provided with a 10-year application warranty.
  • The entire scope of works was completed in approximately 20 weeks.

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