Concrete Repair

dry dock with red ship under repair inside, back view.

Garden Island Dry Dock – Andersal repaired and enhanced the longevity using Silane coatings and buried anode protection system.


When used in construction, concrete needs to be reinforced with steel. When this supportive steel is exposed to contaminants (such as air or water) it expands, causing the surrounding concrete to crack and reducing the overall strength of the structure. This is otherwise known as spalling or concrete cancer. If left untreated, the cracked concrete will further expose the steel to the atmosphere. This will allow the ‘cancer’ to spread, which may lead to costly, lengthy and intrusive repairs.

Some symptoms of concrete spalling include:

  • The appearance of a localised brown discolouration on the surface of the concrete. This is iron oxide leeching out of the concrete at the site of the spalling.
  • A “drummy” sound when the concrete is tapped.

The team at Andersal has been providing remedial solutions for businesses for over thirty years. We have been acknowledged as a leader in finding the root cause of the problem and fixing it the first time, minimising the need for further maintenance to the structure.

What is Concrete Cancer or Spalling?

The term ‘concrete cancer’ refers to concrete degradation caused by the presence of contaminants that lead to the steel reinforcements to expand, thus causing the surrounding concrete to crack and undermining the strength of the building. Read more.

Reasons for Concrete Cracks

As a building ages, occasional maintenance and surveillance is required to ensure that the structural integrity of the building is maintained – this is standard practice and most buildings will require at least minor remedial efforts during their lifetimes as a result of damage, age, or change of use. Read more.

Concrete Repair Technology

At Andersal, we have a multi-focused approach to concrete repair, with a philosophy of designing for a long-term solution with less maintenance in the future. To fulfill this, we make use of the highest-quality technologies and equipment, utilising water repellants such as silanes and surface conditioners such as Dry Treat. Read more.

Concrete Cancer Projects

The skilled contractors at Andersal can effectively make a complete restoration of your structure’s integrity by removing the damaged concrete, treating or replacing and retying reinforcement and applying a suitably designed concrete mix in order to prevent future spalling. Andersal has successfully completed hundreds of concrete repairs in all types of structures. Read more.

Concrete Cancer Gallery

View some of our concrete cancer restoration projects-in-progress in our photo gallery. Read more.